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Le Mouvement

Nina Beier

The protocol-based practice of the Berlin-based, Danish artist Nina Beier (b. 1975) is known to included virtually every media. Also a protocol-based work, The Complete Works, presented here, consists in inviting a retired dancer to attempt to dance their parts from their entire career as a dancer chronologically from memory. Freighted with paradox, this work renders a very public past private by virtue of its relationship to memory, while foregrounding the way body contains memory and with this memory its own history as object in space and time.

Elfenaupark, Unterer Quai

30-45 min

Tuesday August 26, 13:30, Wednesday August 27, 17:30, Thursday August 28, 18:00, Friday August 29, 13:00, Saturday August 30, 16:00, Sunday August 31, 13:00

Nina Beier, The Complete Works, 2009

Biel/Bienne 2014


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