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Le Mouvement

Maria Hassabi

Greek, New York-based choreographer Maria Hassabi (b. 1973) is a virtuoso of velocity. At the core of Maria Hassabi’s practice is a preoccupation with slowness. SHOW is a duet featuring Maria Hassabi and dancer Hristoula Harakas engaged in an involuted shadow and retreat from one another, in which the two bodies take on an almost sculptural quality. Taking place in a public context, the work inevitably asks just what movement is.


30 min

Tuesday August 26, 13:00, Wednesday August 27, 15:30, Thursday August 28, 13:00, Friday August 29, 16:00, Saturday August 30, 13:30, Sunday August 31, 10:00

See also Mouvement III

Maria Hassabi, SHOW, 2012

Biel/Bienne 2014


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