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Le Mouvement

Eglè Budvytytè

Lithuanian, Amsterdam-based artist Eglè Budvytytè (b. 1982) is interested in how certain gestures might challenge the codes and conventions that implicitly govern the everyday. Her performance is an itinerant work featuring 9 male performers clad in uniforms that are at once military and effeminate. They jog along throughout the city while carrying out a series of unlikely actions that trouble traditional perceptions of western masculinity, and in doing so, transform expectations of male, group behavior into something quite harmless and unexpected.

Itinerant, starting point: corner of Elfenaustrasse and Museumstrasse

30-40 min

Friday August 29, 16:00, Saturday August 30, 18:00

Eglè Budvytytè, Choreography for the Running Male, 2012-2014

Biel/Bienne 2014


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