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Le Mouvement

Alex Cecchetti
Olivier Mosset

Alex Cecchetti is a storyteller whose work manifests itself as performance, writing and the creation of narrative objects. His work is paired with a sculpture by Olivier Mosset (10th ESS-SPA, 2000). Untitled (A Paul Cézanne) represents an empty pedestal with a chiseled dedication. We encounter a replica of the plinth made for Aristide Maillol's Monument à Cézanne, which stood in the Tuileries Garden in Paris—the associated sculpture has meanwhile disappeared. Cecchetti repopulates the slab with the solo choreography Summer is Not the Prize of Winter, which will continue to be passed like a baton, from one guest performer to another, after Cecchetti himself departs.

Neuengasse and Nidaugasse

From July 4 to July 10 2014, 19:00

Olivier Mosset, Untitled (A PAUL CEZANNE), 2000

Alex Cecchetti, Summer is Not the Prize of Winter, 2012

Biel/Bienne 2014


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