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Le Mouvement

Prinz Gholam

The Berlin-based artist duo Prinz Gholam consists of Wolfgang Prinz (b. 1969) and Michel Gholam (b. 1963). They have developed a performative practice that revolves around the way we experience and negotiate the world through images the mind already contains, from art history, films, and the media. For Le Mouvement, they have conceived their entire stay in Biel/Bienne as a performance, a single aspect of which becomes visible, once a day, everyday at the same time and place. This disclosure draws attention to the reservoir of images that tends to govern, even inspire our public behavior.

Robert-Walser Platz

20 min

From Tuesday to Sunday, August 26-31, 14:00

Prinz Gholam, Triple Hecate, 2013

Biel/Bienne 2014


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