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Le Mouvement

Jiří Kovanda

Czech, Prague-based artist, Jiří Kovanda (b. 1953) active since the 70s, has earned an international reputation for his slight, poetic yet very potent gestures, actions and interventions. For Le Mouvement, he presents Kissing Through Glass, a performance in which he invites passersby to exchange a kiss through a glass window. At once joining and dividing lips through glass, this work inevitably speaks to the boundaries between the public and the private, interior and exterior, and most importantly, between bodies themselves.

Entrance Volkshaus, Aarbergstrasse 112

40-60 min

Friday August 29, 13:00, Saturday August 30, 15:00, Sunday August 31, 11:00

See also Mouvement III

Jiří Kovanda, Kissing Through Glass, 2007

Biel/Bienne 2014


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