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Le Mouvement

Germaine Kruip

The work of Dutch artist Germaine Kruip (b. 1970) is varied and complex. She sets off fireworks, erects observation platforms, plays with light and shadows, makes kinetic sculptures, and reenacts performances. Germaine Kruip has worked with dervishes to create A Possibility of an Abstraction, Circle Dance. The ecstatic circle dance is a physical means of falling into religious ecstasy and making contact with the universe. Instead of wearing their traditional clothes and hats, these dervishes are dressed in simple dark suits and white shirts. They appear as if from nowhere. Is this a kind of protest? Or just a show? After a few minutes, the circle dance begins to work its spell and conjures a collective order from the chaos of public life.


15 min

Fri. 29. August–Sun. 31. August, 12:00– 19:00 (starting at every hour of the hour)

Germaine Kruip, A possibility of an abstraction : Circle Dance, 2012

Biel/Bienne 2014


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