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Le Mouvement

Liz Magic Laser

The performative practice of the US, New York-based artist Liz Magic Laser (b. 1981) engages the linguistic, gestural and theatrical codes and mechanisms that underpin communication in the media, political theater, and the everyday. In Like You, Liz Magic Laser’s has invited dancer Cori Kresge to develop a method of mimicking the comportment of unsuspecting individuals on the streets of Biel/Bienne, inevitably challenging the authenticity and testing the codes of the most banal urban activity: walking down the street.  

Zentralplatz and Nidaugasse


From Tuesday to Saturday, August 26-30, 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00

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Liz Magic Laser, The Living Newspaper: Extra Extra, 2013

Biel/Bienne 2014


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