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Le Mouvement

Babette Mangolte / Trisha Brown

The Franco-American filmmaker Babette Mangolte (b. 1941) began working with the American dancer and choreographer Trisha Brown (b. 1936) in 1970, directly after Mangolte moved to New York. With Trisha Brown Roof Dance we are dealing with a special form of wordless communication over long lines of sight – from one rooftop to another, from one performer to the next. At issue here is a kind of erosion of the sequences of movements, as well as the role of New York's roofs as public-private stages and its water towers as sculptures reaching from the city to the sky.

See also Mouvement II

Babette Mangolte/Trisha Brown, Roof Piece, 1973, 53 Wooster Street to 381 Lafayette Street New York City, 1973/2001

Biel/Bienne 2014


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